Hello, Dreamwidth!

Despite the backlog of entries imported from LiveJournal (numbering in quadruple digits), this is actually my first true post here.

I created this journal in 2009 as a placeholder, but never used it until now.

With the LJ servers moved to Russia in April, I finally bit the bullet -- as so many others have done -- and closed down my permanent account there. The end of an era.

Looking from my posts from years past -- particular the 'heyday' from 2004 through 2010 -- I found myself really missing the interactions of LJ before the tumbleweed and mothballs set it. It would be spiffy to build that up again here.

That said, it's going to take some time to settle in, customise the size, and make the place my new 'home'.

Before I get going with a proper update, I find myself wondering: Who is actually here?

(Or, to quote Roger Waters, Is there anybody out there?)
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From: [personal profile] acelightning

Even before the most recent LJ kerfuffle, I'd gotten into the habit of originating all (or most) of my posts on Dreamwidth and auto-cross-posting to LJ. Now, since most of my friends have migrated, I use DW far more than I did, but I still haven't abandoned LJ (yet). Anyway, I'm here ;-D
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From: [personal profile] acelightning

When the rats deserted the sinking ship, metaphorically speaking, I increased my participation here. But there are still a few people I know who have stayed with LJ, and of course I want to keep in contact with them as well. The one thing from LJ that I miss on DW is "virtual gifts". The DW staff says that they're working on the idea, but apparently it's very difficult to code, and they spend most of their time doing things that actually need to be done.

I am also grateful that you changed your "look" when you moved your operations to here - now I can make my text purple! :-D

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From: [personal profile] contrarywise

*waves* I've been posting from here for a few years now and cross-posting to LJ. And now most of my LJ friends have moved here as well.
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From: [personal profile] cmcmck

Why, hello yourself.

Greeting from soggy Shropshire!

Thanks for adding me completely- as you'll see from my posts, we have quite the project going on chez 'Wits' End' atm!

Closed down my LJ some time ago for reasons- well, you'd know!

Hope all's well?


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