It's a lazy Sunday morning here at the House of the Red Roses.

Stumpy and I are sitting in the conservatory[*], watching a couple of robins indulge themselves on our bird feeders outside.

I just finished induliging myself on a yummy weekend breakfast[**] of Sheffield toast coated with Sheffield honey. To wash it down, I enjoyed a cup of Sheffield tea, with a splash of Sheffield milk.

I'm rather pleased to be able to use so many local products. The bread comes from a local chain, Roses the Bakers; we discovered it after moving into the House of the Red Roses and are working our way through their many different loaves -- today was a corn-topped white load.

The honey was the soft-set type from The Sheffield Honey Company. Not ideal for tea, due to its thick consistency, but perfect for spreading.

My drink was a chocolate tea, called 'Muddy Boots' from the Birdhouse Tea Company. I'm also a fan of their straight black tea, the 'Full Monty'.

Finally, the milk came from what may be Sheffield's second most famous[***] local brand: Our Cow Molly. Once the weather gets a touch warmer, [ profile] cheshcat and I need to get out to their farm[****] and visit Molly. For one cow, she sure does put out a lot of milk!

I don't normally do product placement, but I am pleased to be transitioning to local foods wherever possible. Support local industry and reduce carbon footprint. Good stuff!

Next step will be to move to local eggs; I don't think any are commercially available, but I bet we can find a farm nearby.[*****] Knowing how awful the egg industry is, I would feel much better buying from a local farm after confirming first-hand that the chickens are treated humanely.

Anyway, that's my lazy Sunday morning. There is much to do later today to prepare for the week -- marking science outreach projects, finalising parts of the WATCHMAN research proposal, writing my talk for an upcoming conference in Venice, and preparing for tomorrow's tutorial on thermodynamics. But, for the moment, the day has a slow start, just enjoying the sun (!) and the birds from the warmth of our conservatory.

How about you, dear friends? What are you up to on this Sunday morning?

[ profile] cheshcat and I agree that the conservatory is our favourite room in the house. Although, for me, the posh bathroom with the oversized tub runs a close second.

[**] My standard weekday breakfast is a bowl of honey-nut cornflakes, as it is nice and quick, which is what I need on a work morning.

[***] The most famous local brand, known to everyone in Sheffield and nearly no one outside, is Henderson's Relish (or 'Hendo's') -- a sort of vegetarian variant of Worcestershire sauce.

[****] In the village of Dungworth -- what a name!

[*****] The House of the Red Roses is three miles from Sheffield city centre and one mile from the entrance to the Peak District National Park. As such, it's a nice portal between urban and rural. Turn left at the end of the road to go into the city; turn right to get into the countryside!


From: [identity profile]

We've been finding oodles of local produce here too. Cheese, honey, veggies, juices etc

Wellington runs to a real Midlands indoor market which I adore.

From: [identity profile]

That sounds excellent!

We do have a fruit and veg shop very near to us, but I've not had a chance to pop in there yet.

At the moment, all the local stuff are items that are sold commercially. I can pop in the bakery to buy directly from them (which is nice, because they have a slicer), but I can also buy a same-day loaf from the convenience store that's a two minute walk from the HotRR.

I think we need to swap all our cutlery to Sheffield-made -- especially since that is what Shef is historically most famous for. But Chesh disagrees and is rather happy with our stylish Ben de Lisi set. Ah well - we do at least have a Sheffield-made cheese knife. Which is important, as cheese plays a major role in our household! :-D

From: [identity profile]

Sheffield made the best military hardware in its day too.

Wilkinson sword still provides officers' swords for the army.

I think you'd like the local cheeses here- they love their blues.

From: [identity profile]

That's true - it's a natural outgrowth of our steel industry... and led to the December 1940 bombing by the Nazis during the Sheffield blitz.

I thought Wilkinson sword was a posh razor...

From: [identity profile]

It's that too, but as the name suggests...........

From: [identity profile]

Even though I can see One World Trade from my upstairs window (some of the time), I'm also within a short drive of many types of working farms. There is a farmer's market right here in town - in fact, it's only two blocks away, right on the street where I live! - that runs from July through the end of October. I've only visited it a few times, and the local "produce" tends to include a lot of handmade soap and carved-to-order wooden plaques displaying the family name and house number. There's a farm a few miles away that keeps a few chickens, but they told me the hens don't lay eggs in the wintertime. But in various places, and at various times of the year, I can get New Jersey peaches, New Jersey corn, cranberries, blueberries, honey, apples, hot sauce made right here in town (I don't know where they get their peppers from), Laird's Applejack made in a nearby facility that dates back to before the Revolutionary War, and even wine made from locally-grown grapes.

The most available "locally sourced food" around here is seafood; there are plenty of fishing boats based right in this town, but the big specialty is clams. Sometime in the 1800s, a local clammer developed a method of "depuration" - purging bacteria and sand from still-living clams so they are safe to prepare as food. The clam purification plant is still one of the major businesses in town, shipping fresh clams (and, I believe, other bivalves as well) to restaurants and supermarkets all over the Northeastern US.

However, I'm allergic to fish and seafood :-(
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From: [identity profile]

Ooooh -- I'm envious that you can see the Freedom Tower from your place! I really like the new building. Unlike the eyesores that I grew up with.

Whilst I'm certain that the local seafood is delicious, I would not be able to appreciate it. :-D

From: [identity profile]

Tne new building is very spiffy-looking from the outside; alas, there's not very much to see or do once you get up there. (I'm on their email list, and they seem to be trying to pitch it as a place for an upscale date, but even the "dessert, Prosecco, live music, and an awesome view" package (the cheapest one) costs more than R. and I spend on food for a week, and that's not including the cost of getting into the city and finding a place to park.)

I can't appreciate the seafood either, but R. and A. (and especially A'!) definitely do. You wouldn't be able to appreciate the applejack or the wine, either; I seem to be sensitive to the preservatives in anything but "organic, all-natural" wine, and I just don't like applejack.

But there's nothing quite like eggs (fried, boiled, poached, coddled, or scrambled) that are no more than a day or two old! (Really fresh eggs don't taste anything at all like commercial eggs - even organic eggs from cage-free hens - that have been stored for weeks. It's hard to believe they're the same food.) And I got my permanent denture too late to eat fresh corn-on-the-cob, so I'll have to wait until August for the first of the Jersey corn! Again, the fresh version is so much tastier than the stuff that's been a week or more on the road...

From: [identity profile]

I'm enjoying a quiet condo while Danae is at CSCW in Oregon and our housemate is out. I'm working on ripping my CDs to FLAC, though I might decide I don't want to use that much storage space and do them as high bitrate MP3s.

I just took our foster dog out for her morning walk and will likely do some house-cleaning and practice some more music. I have no real plans for the day other than that, which is nice.

From: [identity profile]

D and I are both working on various programming projects and listening to Duran Duran. Quiet working day at home with plans for cooking a lovely Tuscan-style dinner later tonight.

From: [identity profile]

Duran Duran? Ha! Like me, you remain a child of the 80s. (Glad to see I'm not the only one...)

Unrelated: Remind me when you and D are likely to next be in the UK? Also, I will be in Chicagoland next month, but I'm guessing that's too far to arrange something.

From: [identity profile]

We will be in the UK in June, I believe. I'm waiting to hear about summer research funding before I know for sure what my schedule will be.

When will you be in Chicago? We would definitely come up if we can make it.

From: [identity profile]

Spent the day running errands with the kiddos for current and future house projects. Will have to make two exchanges sometime this week, because I didn't measure one thing and the other thing was defective. *SIGH*

From: [identity profile]

Hope this weekend is working out better for you, Cutie!

If you need some perking up, I can think of ways to accomplish that... but then you'd better send me a private e-mail, because it's not suitable for public LJ entry! >;-D

From: [identity profile]

I am amused by the name of your house since you are in White Rose country! We have a market 3 days a week in the centre of our town and they have quite a bit of local produce which is good to know.I don't always buy from there because of the inconvenience of carrying heavy shopping back without a car, but when I can I do.My week has been spent tidying up last minute details, so that I am ready for Friday.(can't believe there are only 2 days to go!!)Dont forget to tell them all the second law of Thermodynamics which was described beautifully to me once as:- "F all for F all and very little for sixpence" so much more mind grabbing than "Energy is conserved" (proof being I have remembered it for about 40 years!)

From: [identity profile]

Ha! There is a reason that we live in the House of the Red Roses... and it has nothing to do with living in Yorkshire.[*]

I will share sometime soon with a post and pictures. All will be made clear!

P.S. The second law of thermodynamics is not "energy is conserved". That's the first law. Second law says "entropy must increase". Or, as I put it colloquially when teaching, the three laws are:

(1) You can't win,
(2) You can't break even,
(3) You can't get out of the game.

[*] Such as we are. Sheffield is just barely in Yorkshire. The southern part of South Yorkshire. Sometimes I think of us as being in Yorkshire; others, I consider us to be in the [now-defunct] Hallamshire. The latter seems somehow more accurate.


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