Curled up in bed with Giles[*] as the snow falls ever heavier outside. This is the first real snow I've seen since we moved into the House of the Red Roses.

Since I'm not quite ready to sleep, it seemed worth noting. For posterity and all that. (Who knows, maybe in a decade or two, I will happen back on this and smile.)

I hope it piles up whilst I sleep and sticks. I could turn on the underfloor heating in the conservatory and sit reading in there tomorrow afternoon. Looking up every now and again to watch the birds taking their turns at the feeders. I can definitely think of worse ways to spend a Saturday!

[*] Stumpy won't come to bed if he's here. I love my baby girl, but I wish she could get on with other cats.

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I'm pretty sure that's the same weather system that hit the eastern US Wednesday night/early Thursday morning. It was unseasonably, record-breakingly warm (17° C) on Wednesday, but then a cold front moved in very quickly. It started to rain after midnight, and the wind speed increased drastically. Somewhere between 6 and 6:30 AM, I heard it change from rain to sleet, and then to ice and freezing rain, as the temperature dropped through the freezing point. By 7:30 AM, it was frankly snow - big, fluffy, wet snowflakes, overlaying the solid ice underneath. The snow tapered off around 3 PM, leaving about 15 cm of accumulation. But the temperature stayed below -6° C all day, and the fallen snow froze so that it was impossible to shovel. The high winds persisted until evening.

I think it got above freezing on Friday, but it's now snowing again, although the temperature is about -2° C. Anyway, it's supposed to warm up to maybe 8° C. over the next day or two.

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I do miss having a cat around the place.

We haven't had any snow here for quite a while. I think it's my fault. I got my winter bike with the snow tires all ready to go, so now we've got weather that I wish I had my other bike for.

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The cat thing has its ups and downs. I'm currently sitting in the home office typing this. Stumpy like my office chair. Thus, we frequently end up sharing it. Like we are doing now.

"Sharing" means that this little kitty takes up the vast majority of the seat, whilst I get left with just the front edge. If I try to scoot back a bit to get more room, she makes annoyed complaining noises at me.

There is a cushion for her just next to the chair, but she clearly likes my chair better. On the plus side, it does mean that the seat is always warm when I return after a break from working.

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Just had cold drizzly sleet here that didn't really settle at all. It feels very damp and raw though and the skies are leaden and overcast. Derfinitely the sort of weather to encourage you to curl up on the settee with a fluffy blanket, (or cat if you have one) a steaming mug of hot chocolate, a good book, and the Rugby on the TV.
Obviously Stumpy is well aware of the the cat house rule that all chairs belong to them and may occasionally be loaned out (either whole or more usually in part) to a human who has satisfied the appropriate criteria. You obviously passed the test. Hehehe


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