...who is still here, anyway?

I've been missing the heyday of LJ recently, and likely to make regular posting a thing again.

Looking at my profile, though, the list of 'friends' feels like a ghost town. Seems like the vast majority haven't been on here in forever.

I've heard from a few lovely people in the past few days. Who else is still on deck?

(And, yes, I really am writing this at three in the morning. I was in the office until one writing next week's quantum mechanics homework. It is a kickass problem set, though. They're going to hate it -- except that I'll sell it to them in a way that they can't help but enjoy it.)

From: [identity profile] bloodsong1.livejournal.com

A lot of people ran away when the servers were moved to Russia for reasons. I spend a bit more time on Wordpress, widowsweedssite, documenting gardening and grieving, but I still patently refuse to join FB.

From: [identity profile] anarchist-nomad.livejournal.com

Not sure I understand that. I mean, sure, it's Russia... but if there's one thing 2016 proved, it's that their hackers can get into just about anywhere. I don't feel any less secure having this text stored on a server in Russia.

Of course, I've always treated the internet as a public forum where security is an illusion. Basically since my very first entry (http://anarchist-nomad.livejournal.com/503.html). If I don't want something broadcast to the world, then I don't say it here. Or in an e-mail.

On a different note: I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only person who hasn't joined FaceBook. Great minds think alike, hon!

Sending hugs and love your way from across the pond!

From: [identity profile] acelightning.livejournal.com

I'm still here. I don't post very often, because my daily life isn't terribly interesting to others, but I do post when I have something to say.

I assume you're aware that LJ physically moved all of its servers to Russia, and changed a lot of its internal programming in the process. Just one example is that their URLs no longer begin with https (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTPS) (which signifies a "secure connection), but just plain old http (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypertext_Transfer_Protocol). And the transition was very disruptive - things didn't work at all for several days, and some of them still don't work quite right. This led to a lot of users abandoning LiveJournal in favor of Dreamwidth, or using Dreamwidth as their main journal and simply "echoing" it on LiveJournal.

I've been originating most of my posts on DW and cross-posting to LJ for years now, but LJ is still my "main" journal... although that may change. And I have always flatly refused to have anything whatsoever to do with Facebook.
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From: [identity profile] anarchist-nomad.livejournal.com

Ah, what do I know? I've been minimally social for the past year or so, due to a plethora of other [over-]commitments. There was the birthday party in the Dominican Republic, of course, and the usual October gathering. And a couple of hiking trips, of course. But, for the most part, it's been nose to the grindstone. :-D

Hurm. If there is significantly more activity on Dreamwidth, it may be time to finally move. Which would be a shame, given the history here (and the permanent account). But ghost towns are not so interesting.

Something to think about, anyway.

If I do migrate, it may be time to find a different handle. As mentioned elsewhere, the events of 2016 have led me to question the Anarchism (i.e., maybe people are generally just not capable of making rational decisions and shouldn't be trusted with them). Also, having bought a lovely house and found permanent job, the nomadic era may be in my past. I still travel frequently, to be sure... but that's not the same as when I used to pull up roots and relocated every couple of years.

Not at all sure what I would fashion for myself now, though. Bears some thought...

From: [identity profile] acelightning.livejournal.com

Well, LJ isn't quite a ghost town yet. And Dreamwidth (which is quite a small operation, actually), while its underlying software is better-written, lacks some of LJ's features, like "virtual gifts". I know how busy you are, but you might consider dividing your time between the two for a little while, so you can compare them.

I can't begin to imagine you with a name other than Nomad, and I wouldn't feel comfortable suggesting a new name, at least not yet. My intuition suggests that you might want to brainstorm the idea among the people who know you best.

From: [identity profile] anarchist-nomad.livejournal.com

Ha! Yes, you're not the only person to comment thusly on keeping the Nomad name.

When I adopted it, back in 2001, I was living in Arizona, going to school in New York, and working in Japan. Seemed quite appropriate. These days, I live in Sheffield, and I work in Sheffield.

Tis true that work does bring me to other places -- I teach in China, and I work on experiments in Japan and the USA. Plus conferences and meetings in various and sundry. Although 2017 is still new, I have already made trips to California and Switzerland. But, really, I am based pretty firmly in Sheffield. In the travel year ending next month[*], I will have been out of the country for 52 out of 365 days. That's just 1/7th of the time. Most of the rest was spent right here.

So it feels like the Nomadic phase of my life has passed... but, based on popular consensus, perhaps I should keep the name anyway. More a tribute to my formative years than my current status. :-D

[*] I keep a log of travel outside the UK, with years that begin on March 26th -- because that is when I first arrived here in 2006. The log originated long ago when I was applying for permanent residency in the UK; it was a requirement on the application form. I don't need it anymore, having naturalised as a British citizen in 2013, but I've kept it going anyway. It is much easier to keep such things up to date than it was to create the list in the first place.

From: [identity profile] acelightning.livejournal.com

Well, the name on my passport isn't Ace Lightning, as you know. I began re-engineering myself when I first got onto the internet, somewhere around 1991, and now there are far more people who know me as Ace than there are people who know me by my legal name. It is, of course, entirely your decision, although if you ask me, I'll come up with suggestions. I still think you should brainstorm with the people who know you the best.
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From: [identity profile] cmcmck.livejournal.com

Me as you know although I've been based on DW for some years and x posting to LJ.
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From: [personal profile] blaisepascal

I think I sort of disagree with the general "The servers moved to Russia, so we all moved to DW" thread. LJ has been dwindling for years, so it was already very ghost-townish around me even before the move to Russia. This month I've seen over 30 posts on LJ, and only about 9 on DW, so even though LJ is ghost-townish, it's still more active than DW. The counts are a bit more even if you filter out twitterbots and DW-crossposts, but LJ is still more active than DW, and always has been.

Some people moved to DW when the servers moved, but many of them who migrated their account (like me) also set up crossposting, so that DW posts get posted to LJ as well.

From: [identity profile] anarchist-nomad.livejournal.com

Based purely on my anecdotal experience, I agree with your assessment. LiveJournal has been dwindling for years. It's why I haven't been posting much in recent years -- after a critical mass is gone, the it no longer really feels fit for purpose.

(For me, the main purpose has always been keeping in touch was a geographically broad group of friends whilst living far from nearly all of them!)

Although low statistics, your numbers are interesting to me. I know LJ always used to be more active than DW, it is interesting to hear that this is still basically the case, even after the Russia move.

(Personally, I don't understand why moving to Russia is such a problem. Especially if one is going to cross-post anyway...)
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From: [personal profile] blaisepascal

I suspect that there may be parts of LJ's popularity and move that we aren't seeing.

It may be like Orkut, a six-degrees-of-separation-based social media site run by Google a while ago. It barely made a splash, and most people have forgotten about it (if they ever heard of it at all), but it's apparently a big deal in Brazil. But since I'm not Brazilian, don't know many Brazilians, and don't speak Portuguese, when I fire up my decade-old Orkut account, there's nothing there.

LJ is (or was) the biggest social media site for Russian dissidents. It's been that way for a while. It's why it was bought out by a Russian company, why development work has gone to support features for Russians, etc. It's also why it was very important to a lot of people that the servers remained in the US, and not under Russian jurisdiction. The FSB may be able to hack LJ servers, but they can't show up at the data center with the equivalent of a National Security Letter demanding direct secret unfiltered access to the network lines.

If there was a mass exodus from LJ to DW, it may very well have been in the Russian-language community, whom I have little interaction with.

Most of my friends have left LJ/DW-style blogging. Many others migrated to DW long ago for various reasons, although many also cross-post back to LJ. Some moved to DW when the servers moved to Russia.I don't think any of them have a direct reason to fear the servers being in Russia, but recognize the concerns of the Russian dissidents and so their recent move to DW is in solidarity with their plight.

From: [identity profile] anarchist-nomad.livejournal.com

Okay, that makes sense.

Like you, I'm afraid that most people I know have left behind LJ/DW-style blogging. (Indeed, the overlap of your friends and mine is certainly non-trivial so we are talking about many of the same people here.)

This is why my experience was that it has been a 'ghost town' here for quite some time before the LJ were moved to Russia.

Not at all sure about the whole 'move it to Dreamwidth' thing. If it's as quiet there as it is here (or, according to you, quieter), then what's the point? And cross-posting to both seems more of a hassle than it's worth.

No decisions at this point, other than it would be nice to interact with people more again. (And I'm still not going onto Facebook or Twitter!) I'll have to think about what next...
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From: [identity profile] stormdog.livejournal.com

I'm still here, as you know. *grins* And I've had a lot more to say recently now that I'm managing my mental health rather better. It would be great to talk with you more here.

I also want to note that Livejournal, in my experience, seems to be continually getting busier. I'm talking with people here as much as I ever have. To be fair, I was too shy to be *really* involved when LJ was in it's so-called heyday, but I certainly feel like I have a meaningful social circle here now.
Edited Date: 2017-02-11 04:11 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile] anarchist-nomad.livejournal.com

You, my friend, are the uber-faithful! If LJ ever does close up, you will be the one switching off the lights. You have always stayed the course -- I admire that!

I'm glad to hear that you are doing well. And also pleased to hear your assessment that LJ is gradually growing in usage again. I doubt it will ever reach its former glory -- not in an era where 140 character bursts are the new normal for communications. But if we could get closer to those levels, it would be lovely!

You are still in Illinois, yes? I'm likely to be in Chicagoland in late April or early May -- we should get together!

From: [identity profile] datahawk.livejournal.com

I'm still here, sort of. Since they have a decent app, I'll check in every so often. But there are so few on here, that I don't check very often.

From: [identity profile] anarchist-nomad.livejournal.com

Hiya, sweetie!! *jumps up and down and WAVES*

What you described is almost precisely what my own interaction with LJ has been like for the past few years. Minus the app, which I don't have anymore.

I'm going to try to change that and be here more. But we'll see if a critical mass of awesome people can be achieved. The few who are here are pretty awesome (yourself included, of course!), so that's a good start. :-D

From: [identity profile] dragonmamma.livejournal.com

Well, I am still here and reading, although I only post if I think I have something to say.
I dont know anything about any of the other forums like DW so I will probably stick on here and help Stormdog to turn out the lights when it finally closes. Although I do not know very many people on here these days, I alays enjoy reading the replies that you and Ace get from your circles and feel as if I have a nodding acquaintance with a whole host of other people because of that - which is rather nice, as well as being very interesting when the posts and replies are about your work.

From: [identity profile] anarchist-nomad.livejournal.com

Yup, you and Stormy are amongst the most faithful LJers that I know! :-D

I'm trying to make a more regular habit of it. Pretty soon, my home page will be filled entirely with entries from this year! (Which hasn't happened in a long time...)

From: [identity profile] mizzpyx.livejournal.com

Hey yo! I've somewhat returned after many-many years away, although I'm posting in Dreamwidth these days (but kind of torn around the idea of maybe just coming back to here.. it feels Complicated). But like, reading here now anyway.

From: [identity profile] anarchist-nomad.livejournal.com

Yay! Glad to see you are here. I'm still considering moving over to Dreamwidth, but it sounds like the traffic there is still lower than here. So I dunno.

Meanwhile, glad to be chatting with you again! :-D

From: [identity profile] bonzifan.livejournal.com

Yep, still here, not posting much in part because I never seem to get any replies... but also because my life isn't quite as exciting as it was in Taiwan and Australia.

From: [identity profile] anarchist-nomad.livejournal.com

You, m'dear, are always exciting! Exotic travel or not. ;-D

Speaking of which, I got caught up on your own page after reading this. Seems like you've been spending a bit of time in Spain? Where are you now? I'm writing this from Zurich and will be in Venice tomorrow.

We seem to drift in and out of each other's lives every year or two. I would love to drift back in and catch up with you sometime. When last we spoke, you were just starting to explore the idea of polyamoury. (Am intrigued by how that played out, of course. *wink*)

Feel free to ping me by e-mail, too. Perhaps we could arrange to have you visit or to have me come down to you in Oxford.

From: [identity profile] tawneypup.livejournal.com

I'm still here, though clearly I only stop in once in a while. I do post sometimes, though, and would stop in more often (like every day!) if there was more action here.

From: [identity profile] anarchist-nomad.livejournal.com

Huzzah! I am very glad that you are still here, sweetie! Not that I don't get to see you in lots of other places... but the more Tawneypup in my life, the better! *smile*

You posted more than me in 2016. I'm ahead in 2017, though. Race ya to the end of the year! ;-D

From: [identity profile] lisagems.livejournal.com

I'm here occasionally. Finally acquiring a computer that doesn't take 20 minutes to load LJ will mean I'm here a bit more often.
Edited Date: 2017-02-26 04:48 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile] anarchist-nomad.livejournal.com

Ha! Yes, that helps! Glad to see you here... and maybe in Chicago too sometime soon. I should be there next month for a couple of weeks.

From: [identity profile] lisagems.livejournal.com

I'm here occasionally. Finally acquiring a computer that doesn't take 20 minutes to load LJ will mean I'm here a bit more often.


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