Guess I wasn't wrong in my assessment of how well my presentation as the Oxford University Astronomy Weekend went. This morning, I woke up to find an e-mail in my InBox from the organiser, which began:

Many thanks for the part you played in the successful astronomy weekend this year. I am receiving requests to invite you back for an unprecedented third time in a row – requests with which I am very happy to comply.

I cannot pretend that I am not pleased by the invitation... especially when one considers that some seriously big-name physicists and astronomers -- like Alan Watson, Sir Marin Rees, Roger Davies, etc. -- have lectured at this event over the past thirty-one years!

So..... I guess I know what I am doing for the third weekend in April next year! In 2010, the theme of the weekend will be "Advances in Astronomy", and I have been invited to speak on the topic of "Neutrino Astronomy," which I can (and will) quite happily do.

After that, I think I'm done. I have spoken about dark matter, I have spoken about cosmic rays, I will speak about neutrinos. That covers all three areas where I have done research! No matter how popular my next talk is, they cannot invite me back in 2011 -- I will have nothing left to speak about!
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