Today was a surprisingly good day. Not surprising because I had expected anything bad to happen -- I hadn't and it didn't. Just surprising because not very much at all happened... and yet a number of small but positive things contributed to making it a good day.

It actually started last night, when I was ringing at Mary Mag during the first OUSCR practice of Trinity Term. Right after walking in, the master asked me if I wanted to ring a touch of Plain Bob Triples. Now nobody actually rings Plain Bob Triples. They ring Plain Bob Doubles (five bells), Plain Bob Minor (six bells), or Plain Bob Major (eight bells). No one rings Plain Bob Triples (seven bells). Indeed, the standard book of methods that I use doesn't even have PBT in there!

As such, I am not at all practiced in this method. I do consider myself quite adept at Plain Bob Doubles, though, and getting skilled at Minor. Sometimes I can do Major, but not reliably. On the fly, I pieced together what I know from Major -- since eight is close to seven -- and Doubles -- since five is also an odd number of bells -- and gave it my best shot. Amazingly enough, my best shot was quite good! I kept the method consistently for quite some time... and I could even hear that my striking was well placed. Very nice, if I do say so myself!

I have been doing a fair bit of ringing lately, and I feel I am making more progress. So that put me into a happy mood that continued into today. From there, things just got better.

For one thing, the weather today continued its recent trend of being incredible! By and large, one of the things that I dislike most about living in England is the weather[*]. Of late, though, that complaint is baseless. Good! Coupled with the fact that the days are now nearly fifteen hours long -- and still growing -- it is positively a joy to be outside! On my way into work this morning, I had a lovely bicycle ride across Kensington Gardens, taking in the weather and the lake and the greenery!

Work itself continues to go reasonably well. I still have more to do than I can get done. But what else is new? Progress is happening, and I am getting excited about the upcoming trip to Japan. Not as excited as I will be about the September Japan trip -- where, at long last, I get to return to my "home" area of Gifu and Toyama after six years away -- but excited

It goes on from there, though: Our flat was inspected today, and passed with flying colours. As a nice side-effect of this, the Flat With No Name is now quite, quite tidy. Just the way I like it! When I got home from work, [ profile] cheshcat was in a cheery mood. No matter what else is going on, that always brightens my day. And if it is an already-bright day? Well, so much the better! And brighter! I arrived home just as her music -- set to shuffle play -- switched onto Another Day (from Rent). With no discussion, we naturally slipped into a very energetic version of this duet. We had a blast... though I think that we may have startled both kitties!

After eating dinner, I had a delightful "phone date" with the terrific [ profile] tawneypup. She has only been gone for a couple of weeks, but I definitely miss her. Ah well -- at least it will be May very soon[**], at which point I can say that I am seeing her again in the month after next!

Finally, the day is almost done... but I have an excellent weekend to look forward to! Tomorrow, [ profile] bunnypip is coming down to join [ profile] cheshcat and I for a two-part theatrical rendition of Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy at -- you guessed it! -- the Oxford Playhouse. Then there is a weekend of Beltane fun to follow! Huzzah!

[*] In contrast, one of the things that I miss most -- aside from certain special Anarchists -- about living in Phoenix is the delightful weather there!

[**] In just over twenty-four hours!

From: [identity profile]

"Another Day"? You mean what's labeled "Finale B" on the album? (guessing from your header). Actually listening to it myself at Panera.

From: [identity profile]

Not quite... though the same refrain ("There is no future...") recurs during Rent and is indeed in Finale B, at the end of the show.

Another Day, which is one of the duets between Roger and Mimi, takes place in the first act... after Mimi bursts into Roger's apartment in an attempt to get him to take her out tonight. (Indeed, Another Day follows directly after Out Tonight)

Do you know it? It starts with Roger angrily singing: "Who do you think you are, barging in on me and my guitar? Little girl, hey, the door is that way. You'd better go, you know the fire is out anyway."

Not a particular pleasant song... but a lot of fun to sing. Especially with extra energy! *grin*

Speaking of singing..... I will be in Chicago in mid-July. If I can tempt you out for a visit, I promise I'll go down to Sidekicks and sing any song you like! ;-D

From: [identity profile]

Odd- I know the song, and I sing along with it, but can't find it on my disc. Wonder if we've got different versions. Do you have stage or movie version?

From: [identity profile]

Stage version -- I was never really a fan of the movie.

A couple of years ago, it was brought to my attention that there are two soundtracks to the stage version. One is highlights, on a single CD; the other is a more complete two CD set. I learned this when I was dating [ profile] cassiopia, who professed to love Rent... but didn't know about half the songs![*]

Might it be the single disc version that you have?

[*] It's okay, though! I eventually educated her! :-)

From: [identity profile]

I've only got the movie soundtrack, which is actually 2 CDs- was never fortunate enough to see the stage play except its last Broadway performance (I think) which was presented in theaters. And I found the song- it's on the same track as "Take Me Out." I like calling it that- people can never decide if I'm asking for someone to put a hit on me or if I just forgot to add the words"To The Ballgame." :) And I agree with other posters that "La Vie Boheme" totally rocks. Excellent car dance material.

From: [identity profile]

And I found the song- it's on the same track as "Take Me Out." I like calling it that- people can never decide if I'm asking for someone to put a hit on me or if I just forgot to add the words"To The Ballgame."

*grin* Very cute!

Also interesting. The tracks and names seem to be different on the movie soundtrack. On the Original Broadway Cast recording, Mimi's song is called Out Tonight (track #14) and is followed immediately by Another Day on track #15.

Am currently listening to I'll Cover You as I type this...

From: [identity profile]

switched onto Another Day (from Rent). With no discussion, we naturally slipped into a very energetic version of this duet.

Usually in bed.

With La Vie Boheme :D

Threesomes may have been suggested in the past purely on the merit of all of us knowing the lyrics.

From: [identity profile]

To days of inspiration
playing hookey
making something out of nothing
the need to communicate
to going against the grain
going insane
going maaaaaaaad

To loving tension
no pension
to more than one dimension
to starving for attention
hating pretension
hating convention
(not to mention, of course, hating dear old mom and daaaaaaaad)


I'm surprised to see a Rent fan on this side of the pond. Quite common to find them back home, but preety rare here. Congratulations -- you are now Nomad-certified as "Officially Rare"!

And, yes, La Vie Boheme is also a great one to sing. I have some wonderful memories from last Winter of walking down the streets of Manhattan singing that with [ profile] cheshcat and [ profile] squeektoy and her husband! :-)

From: [identity profile]

3sme PHAIL

I was taught by one of my (ex) shags. He was a stagehand at Eton, and is responsible for most of my non-emo music. My favourite memory is sitting on the District Line with him singing the whole thing. Nowt like raucous tunelessness to get a carriage to oneselves :D

You ever sampled the delights of Saucy Jack abd the Space Vixens? I think you may love it.

From: [identity profile]

Um... true. I forgot to express "to express." Didn't actually forget the line, though. Just forgot to type it as I was in a hurry this morning.

Perhaps I can best redeem myself by singing with you next time we find ourselves at the same social event? I sometimes trip up on the waiter reading back the food order. Other than that, though, I think I've got it down...

As for Saucy Jack? Never heard of them! Please to be exposing me?

From: [identity profile]

And that's 5 miso soup
la la la la la
dur dur dur dur
nah nah nah
and one pasta with meatless balls

(nodding your head while humming makes people forget you don't know the words)

And Saucy Jack is a musical. Went to see it once and they used different moves than I knew. Meanies.


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